Third Party Debt Collection Agencies Need To Be Removed Immediately from Your Credit Reports. They have no Legal Right to be Collecting the Debt. Any payment you make resets the Statute of Limitations which is the Amount of Years you can be sued, it also resets the Seven Year Reporting Period for your Credit Report. These Agencies usually, 99% are going to move the Charge Off Date Forward a couple of years and state that you “opened” an Account with them on Your Credit report which is a lie. You opened nothing. Usually you can force with Consumer Federal and State Laws and other tools, to remove these Account but it has to be done meticulously and there has to be a paper trail so you can sue if they re-report. They can pull your Credit multiple times, even if the account is out of statute and off your Credit report which pulls down your credit Score, did you know this? With Inquiries. They like to think they can sue unsuspecting people, if you have property or a job and your within the Statute of Limitation in your state you can be hoodwinked [a nice word] into having a Judgment Filed Against you and garnished if they can in your State. These are truths you should know, you can do Self Credit Repair Yourself, We must get Educated and I’m here to help you do just that. !!! We’ll be open next year. This is Free Info for the Masses at the moment, public knowledge all over the Internet. It’s not a secret of any certain Collection Agency, it’s known everywhere, I’m simply helping spread the word. There is more you need to know. Go to my website and read the READ THIS FIRST PAGE.