CREDIT CAFE, Cyber and Local San Diego Workshops. Every Sat 2pm San Diego Learn Self Credit Repair, Donations Accepted. Online or At the Workshops. 442 222 1205 Please Pre Register for Workshops. Friend to Friend. Community Education. Donations Accepted Via GooglePay

CAFE CREDIT -FRIEND TO FRIEND- COMMUNITY EDUCATION FOR SELF CREDIT REPAIR. Sept 29 2pm and every Saturday going forward. Escondido, CA. North County San Diego. San Pasqual Valley Road. No kids or animals. Nursing babies only.
Until we open “CREDITGYPSIE.COM” join us at CreditCafeSanDiego CREDIT CAFE SAN DIEGO Saturdays at 2pm-5pm. Bring your Recent Credit Reports, documents, bills, and we’ll have coffee/tea etc… and start learning SELF CREDIT REPAIR. This is FRIEND TO FRIEND Call to Register for or email me at If your not local we’ll still help. Donations Accepted Use Google Payments with My Website is being built, The Foundational Information Is there and Very Important to Read. – MESSAGE ME IF YOUR NOT IN SAN DIEGO AND YOU NEED HELP. WE TEACH BASIC SELF CREDIT REPAIR. We have the basic letters you’ll need. We offer.
Friend to Friend Consulting with Donation
At the local Workshop or Online
Monthly Support with Donation
Online Only, Chat support5dd26b421e26db893b101234de4f18d5--peter-max-art-peter-otoole

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