If you have anything in Collections, and your within the Statute of Limitations for your State [which is the amount of time you can be sued] and your posting your job info all over Facebook…… your setting yourself up for a Judgment or Garnishment if your State Allows it.

We have letters that can completely obliterate, most, Third Party Debt Collection Accounts from your Credit File. You have no Contract with them, only with the Original Creditor, and even so, their balance is probably wrong due to technical factors. And there are four other reasons why you don’t owe the Original Creditor Either once they have Charged-Off the Account.

Learn more at – This is not , nor has it ever been, about not paying your debt. It’s about so much more that only knowledge will give you. Your perspective will change when you understand the corruption going on. Free Truth at

Your Job info is also being sold to Third Party Debt Collectors by the For Profit Credit Bureaus.

Maiden Names are a great resource for Identity Theft. Please be smart.  cropped-40311487_1756108724510707_5417643052497895424_n1.png