Triggers – The Credit Bureaus Are not going to publish what a #trigger is for consumers, nor how to opt out in a convenient place.

Your Job Info Is Being Sold To Third Party Debt Collectors so they can file Judgments Against You #triggers You can opt out of these #triggers with the #Creditbureau, but they are not going to publish for you that triggers exist. Collection Agencies buy them from the Credit Bureaus. Triggers consist of your Application Information that turn into #inquiries. Rentals, Mortgages, Child support, Credit Cards, Welfare, there are over Seventy types of triggers that the FOR PROFIT Bureaus sell to TPDCA’s. We have a FREE letter for Consumers, whether you need our Consulting Services or not to bring LIGHT to this darkness. Our letter is not a PLEASE letter, it consists of demands. Never jump through the hoops the Bureau will ask you to jump through, like update all your current info to #optout. Send the Trigger Letter, if they ignore if call an #attorney , and file complaints with Federal and State Entities. All TPDCA’s need is your job or your property OR YOUR SPOUSES’ PROPERTY if your in a Community Property State, YES, to sue you. We are here to assist Consumers. To expose the dark rooms of GREED in our nation.

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