#rentalapplications #collections #garnishments #judgments #trig #triggers

Did you know that when you apply for a rental

and get denied or get approved

the job information +

much other information that you put on your application

Phone numbers


Whether you were denied or refused

goes to the credit bureaus as an inquiry

and they in turn

sell it SELL IT

to third party debt collection companies …ETC…who use that information to

file judgments and

garnish you

if they can…….

….this is one of over 70 different types of #triggers

that the credit bureaus sell to third party debt collection agencies ETC

(They’ve been doing this since the 1980s)

to use against you…IF THEY CAN

If you have a collection account our company has free letters


that can remove 99% of these


based on illegal and fraudulent activity

on the part of not only the third party debt collection agency

but also the original creditor

(It may not all be against the law)

but certainly there are unethical things going on especially with the original


Things that should become the law


…If your debt is Within the statute of limitations

in your state

For your particular debt type

and they haven’t been able to find your job yet….

(through special search websites that they pay for) like Accurint

Lexi’s Nexis IdiCore

…They now have your job

which all they have to do is verify your employment

Or call and verify you work there with the operator

Or verify by calling you there and talking directly to you

… and they then begin a lawsuit

If they desire

The credit bureaus are their best friends because the credit bureaus. They are all in bed together

They can also use your

property, as an asset

But your property is easy to find


my mission and my goal

is to expose the corruption

and the unethical business practices

The deception

that is bearing down on consumers in

violent ways

My passion and my goal is to do a lot of things but right now I’m concentrating on third party debt collection accounts which most people have.

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