Original Creditor-If you refuse to pay the #collection account and just pay the #originalCreditor #paidletter #directpay

Make sure you send that #PAIDLETTER to the #thirdpartydebtcollection Agency as well, because, although you have every right not to want to talk to their #wickedasses you are going to need them to #update your #creditreport if they’ve tarnished it.

Get a #paidletter from the #originalcreditor  including the:

Exact Amount You Paid

The FULL ACCOUNT NUMBER of the original account

The Date Paid

On their Letterhead

Most #thirdpartydebecollection Agencies won’t take a #paidletter without all Four of these items on it.

Many #originalcreditors could care less about sending the #collectionagency a #directpay that they are #contracted to do. So don’t depend on them to do that or to contact them for Credit Bureau updates for you. They don’ care, they are #greedy #rich #slime .

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