#FICO suggests using only 1-3 percent of your #creditcards. Maxing them out or even just using 50%.. pulls your #creditscore down…. And can create a #bombshell affect…

When you have an excellent #creditscore then use that score to buy your #homes and your #cars…

I live a very #simplelife I don’t buy anything with credit cards…

If I can’t pay #cash for it I don’t buy it..

That’s My #Philosophy I know it’s not everyone’$

….but…that way if you were to get into a tight spot..say you lost your job

Or you having major medical problem…

And you end up on #disability

All your credit cards will be in great shape!!!

But if you Max them out

Or spend any more than one to 3% that you can’t pay off at the end of the month

… and something happens

….they’re all going to end up in collections… unless you have Investments you want to dip into..

Unless you want to sell your property to pay your bills

This is where so many problems begin for people that live paycheck-to-paycheck.

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