#Fraud by #CollectionsAgencies

THE “OPENED” Tradeline -Title- on your Credit Reports

is Pure Fraud. The Consumer never opened anything.

The consumer never opened a new contract or signed anything with another company

And even if they did the collection agency does not have the correct balance which is also fraud…

See my previous posts regarding that

The OPENED / ChargeOff Date

is Fraudulently moved forward 1-3 years.

(This date is supposed to be the charge off date- if I’m correct) and I’m 99% sure that I’m correct on this.

Interesting thing is that when you’re in a collectors Q… And you’re looking at an account when you click on the button that takes you to the date that the statute of limitation will be lifted… That date coencides with the Original Charge Off date…

But the date that they’ve actually listed on your credit report as I said it’s 1 to 3 years forward

This is done so they can keep it on your credit report longer

These things need to start being reported to the attorney general and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and other agencies

Misbehavior is Unbecoming two collection agencies who supposedly have compliance departments making sure all of these things are being done correctly

I can assure you as an ex collector that there are no complaints departments at least not ones that are doing their job.

These companies start off in deception

Everything they do is deceptive and misleading

Everything they will ever do will continue to be deception and misleading consumers

Withholding very important information that consumers need to know

It is a right of the consumer to know how things affect them and to know the utter rebellion going on from the day your account is sold.

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