We Have A Problem

Credit Score Corruption Starts from the Original Creditors with Impossible For A Consumer To Understand – Legal Contracts and Hidden Verbage Traps. You can’t get a good running car or Home without these Dark Greedy C-Level Financial Institutions to loan you the money. The interest for the loans for Homes and Cars are through the roof.  Housing prices and rent are through the roof. Wages are underpaid and underhanded. Women are not paid the same as their male counterparts. College is a rip off, mostly un-useful to most after the Loans are taken out. People who live paycheck to check can’t get ahead. Gap Insurance for cars only pays for the value of the vehicle. Consumers can be left with a deficiency balance for more than they even paid for the loan – yes. Why is this? Because of Greed and Corruption. What ever happened to a fair price? A fair interest rate? Creditors charge off the account, but first have four ways of making income on this Charge Off Balance you can’t pay if you fall ill or lose your job. My parents never taught me to invest for the future. They told me to get married or get an abortion when I got pregnant. So I married an abuser and stayed fourteen years. When he left I had an unfinished Education and three kids he REFUSED TO HELP ME FINANCIALLY WITH. Creditors then sell the account but not before putting it on your Credit report, which should be illegal. Then the Collection Agency puts it on your credit report, breaks State and Federal Laws. Breaks Consumer Acts not giving a dam, it’s all for money. Their Insurance Bone pays out if they get sued by a Consumer. They harass Consumers and do things that they should go to hell for. Credit Repair Organizations are all breaking the Credit Repair Organizations Act and pre charging Consumers for something that has not even been done yet. Or trying to get around the Act by saying , “OH this is just a Membership fee”. Bullshit. They are CHEATING Consumers out of the Credit Repair Organization Act. They draw out the process, they don’t use follow up letters at all. If they even know what they are doing. Now we see Jack and Jill Credit Repair clones all over The Book of Faces and the Internet who are definitely never going to do the right thing. These people are like flies swarming around a world full of people who have been dumped by a System that is only working for the rich. These pests are never going to be regulated, goodness not even the very large Credit Repair Companies are following the law, why should these little pinheads. Then lastly , for the moment, you have the Giant Credit Bureaus. And they are trying to say there is a Forth now. Along with hundreds of Sub-Credit Bureaus most people have no idea about. The Credit Bureaus are selling all their Data to Third Party Collection Agencies and the Like, SELLING. So when you apply for a loan and get denied or approved, doesn’t matter, … if you have ANYTHING IN Collections you can be sued in a matter of days. Why? All because no one is telling you to NEVER DO THAT number one with any collection account that is live on your Credit Report. If your debt is within the Statute of Limitations and you can still be sued for it, and if your working or own property, or your spouse owns property and you live in a Community Property State…. everything can come crashing down on you without you knowing till you get a summons. All because no one told you What a Trigger is that the Bureaus sell to the Collection Agencies.

I still have to write my Trigger explanation page.

Unless your rich, life sucks.

I plan to expose as much as I know for Consumers

And Consumers

You need to begin learning to live within your means

Credit cards should be used to build credit which means you spend three percent of your credit per month and THAT’S IT.

Then you use your good Score to get good rates on Loans, etc.

It’s all very complicated and I only know so much

But what I do know I’m sharing

I get overwhelmed with all the information

So if I do, God above knows all the people down here are.

It feels like they are Giants and no one can change the corruption going on

The greed

The filthy contracts

I’m moving forward as I can



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