Every Consumer in America deserves to know exactly how the Acts and Laws are specifically being broken by each entity that was set up to protect them

I think there’s enough millions of people in America for me to still run a business even after telling people what’s really going on

it’s also the only way to get the word out set up some websites so that we can change some laws

There’s no way I personally or even if I hired a hundred people would be able to help all of the millions of people in America that need this information

a lot of people are willing to do self credit repair themselves and we actually need to learn how to do it not be afraid of it and teach it to our children

This is not about just making money for me

It’s about exposing the corruption in four major institutions …The For-Profit Credit Bureaus the creditors the third party debt collection agencies and credit repair organizations

Consumers are going to need to stand up against what’s going on

To make any type of forward change for our children

there’s no way I’m going to let my grandchildren have to deal with this mess of a matrix

credit repair organizations are taking you for as much a ride as the other three entities are because of the fact that the more letters that you have to ride the more work you have to do the more money they’re going to make their not going to divulge all of this to you

if I have to be the only ones I volging all of this to America then that’s what I’m going to be

Ever since I sat down in the year 2000 and began doing collections right after my divorce I saw the disaster which was federal and state laws being broken left and right and collectors sitting in their chairs and just laughing their heads off

I actually had one person tell me you can’t tell everybody how to do these letters you can’t publicly put it out there

Well actually I can

I’m going to give America what no one else is willing to give them

credit repair is diverse and complicated and even what I’ll be sharing is pretty much old-school tactics

This field is ever-changing and ever developing an ever-growing