…so they can Garnish, or File a Judgment Against You. The Credit Bureaus themselves are selling them the info from your Credit Applications that turn into an Inquiry on Your Credit Report. Did you know this? There is more. A lot more. We have a letter to demand the Credit Bureaus do not sell your Application Information ever again!!!

We have so much to tell you

For Profit Credit Bureaus refuse to publish their info on you according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. They also sell your Credit App info, that turns into their Inquiry on your Credit Report to Debt Collectors and others who use it against you. All a debt collector needs is your job, or your property verification and if your within , or without sometimes, the statute of limitations in your state they will pursue a judgment and garnishment with this “Trigger” info the Bureaus sell them. There is more too.

So yes if you just applied for a Loan,

and got denied, if your having your Credit Pulled by a Morgtage Company just to see

what you need to fix, I suggest you DON’T DO IT through the Mortgage Company. This is  a huge red flag that goes to any Collection Accounts you have. They will see your thinking about buying. They’ll give you no Settlement or the Highest One if you call to pay.

They will receive a TRIGGER with the Job Info you placed on your Application!!! And if they have not had it before and or if you already own a home

And if your within the Statute of Limitation in your state and they can sue you

They may!!! You can ring your own neck.

Consumers need to know this is going on behind the scenes of the Credit Bureaus who claim to be helping you get free from the DARK WEB , BUT THEY LITERALLY ARE THE DARK WEB.


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