From My Vantage Point. Get some espresso or tea and read this short synopsis.

I’m not here to make a million bucks

Just a humble living

So I’m laying it all on the line, because no one else is

As an EX Debt Collector

#1 Contracts are required nowadays to get a Car, a Home, For Most Americans. Unreadable to the Consumer for the most part. Even if a Consumer sat down and tried to read their trickery, they would not be able too. The Fees and Interest and mere cost I’m sure are Well above the return they receive. Consumers are basically manipulated into the contracts. Of course, no one is forcing them to sign, but really they are because Consumers for the most part don’t have a huge savings to go buy a car for cash. So our Culture takes Advantage of that fact.

I’ll stop with that and share the culmination of today’s thoughts

This sums up the best I can at the moment what’s happening with these Four Entities

Credit Bureaus

Credit Repair Organizations


Collection Agencies

Credit Repair Organizations




The Vicious Greed

Creditors Charge Off Accounts

And receive sometimes up to four sources of income when they do that.

They mark your Credit Report and walk away no longer owning the Account, usually. Unless they’ve contracted it out. And still so.

Collectors then Violently break Consumer Acts and Laws without batting an eye

Through lies and deceit, like not telling you your new payment plan just restarted the SYRP Seven Year Reporting Period. Like that agreeing to a payment plan in writing or a modified loan with them, restarts the amount of time IN THEIR STATE NOW where you can be sued. Because you just signed a new contract in their state.

They lie and move forward your Charge Off date about two years. ILLEGAL So nice of them to think of themselves with a move no one would even know about. Except me.

They publish on your Credit Report that you Opened an account, on their Tradeline, COMPLETE LIE.

They are rarely punished for VIOLATIONS day in and day out

They ignore consumer letters and consumers are forced to spend money they usually don’t have extra of to send Certified letters just to communicate. They try to mask their addresses and Fax numbers and make you sign agreements, which waives many of your rights, just to send something via their website. It’s all set up to fail the consumer. To wear them down. To tire them out. It works.

They search for Attorneys to take their cases, but with meager violations the Attorney does not want the case because it’s not lucrative.

If unpaid it goes possibly to a second and third Collection Agency where this all happens again.

And a cherry on top, they are now, in Connecticut, for starters, two Agencies opening Sister Companies to do the Financing for special “Loan Modifications” for Consumers. These are special loans. They remove the negative tradeline that they put on the Consumer’s Credit Bureau, they essentially pay it off. “Really they don’t” They then open a new Distressed/Collection Tradeline WHICH LOOKS SO TERIFFICALLY HORRIBLE on their Credit Report [the don’t tell consumers how it will appear on their Tradeline]. And they open this new INVISIBLE modified loan for them, a Unicorn Loan, and give them zero percent interest, and any payment they want on any balance they want with a little down payment. The consumer thinks their Credit is being saved but the word #DISTRESSED appears on this Tradeline as well as the name of the Collection Agency. None of which they tell the consumer. But now the consumer is in a new loan in the State of the collection Agency. And the Statute of Limitation starts all over, they can now be sued. And the Seven Year Reporting Period Begins all over. They’re just salivating, waiting for the consumer to default, and within a year or two these “Paycheck to paycheck” consumers will. They will then file a Judgment, garnish if they can and the DEBT LIVES ON AND ON AND ON AND ON.

-AND TO TOP THAT OFF the Collection Agencies are NOT ALLOWED per the law to do Credit Repair of Any Kind let alone finance it, so they are opening, across the nation, sister companies within theirs to fund these new modified loans to make it look as if they are not doing anything wrong.

Credit Repair Organizations Charge you before the repair is done


They cheat you out of the Credit Repair Organization Act that is supposed to protect you

By changing the NAME of their FEES

They draw out the dispute and repair process

I know this for a fact

I have recorded calls and Facebook messages as proof

They don’t go straight to official complaints when entities continue to break the laws, instead they draw it out by sending, “special letters” requesting them to comply, which takes more of your time and money. They know the CFPB and the Attorney General Office will set them straight, but why do so when they can make money off the consumer by sending “Good will letters”.

And the ones who are “Christians” doing this because, “If they didn’t they would not have any business” quote unquote. From their mouths.

THEY DON’T TELL CONSUMERS HOW TO TRY TO COMPLETELY REMOVE THE COLLECTION ACCOUNTS because if they did there would be no reason to communicate with those Agencies.

They do frivolous disputes. I had one account that disputed nine times in one year. Without follow-through letters of substance this is a waste of your time and money. The only thing that happens is the Bureaus remark with, “Consumer disagrees with this investigation decision” or something like that.

They don’t usually send letters directly to the Collection Agencies demanding them to purge forever all your information. This has to be dealt with, not just the Credit Bureaus.

They don’t usually or EVER tell you if your within the Statute of Limitation in Your State that you could trigger a lawsuit if you own a home or have a job, even part time jobs. Or if your in a Community Property state, your Spouses’ property could be in jeopardy. Yes this is truth. This is not a lie.

They don’t tell you you could end up with a Judgment or Garnishment by beginning a dispute or correction process. And Judgments can be renewed for an additional ten years.

Even changing your address or info can bring a disaster to you if you don’t know what your doing.

They don’t know anything about, for the most part, Freezing the Credit Bureaus and Sub-Credit Bureaus before beginning any process. And why.

They are going to do the bare minimum and hope their LLC kicks in if need be.




-i LOVE helping all of you

-keep me in your thoughts as I develop this

-your in mine

-i seriously care













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