This Is What We Do

We’re Giving You A Four Sentence Overview Of The Corruption Of the

For Profit Credit Bureaus

The Third Party Debt Collection Agencies


And Yes, Credit Repair Organizations , Which will give you understanding as to why you want to use our basic letters.

From the Get know most institutions are already breaking laws and Acts. We send one letter to warn them, the second letter is a complaint letter to FTC, Attorney General, CFPB, BBB, etc… the third letter is the Attorney who you will take your documents too to see if they can sue for you. DON’T PLAY AROUND WITH “ROUNDS” OF LETTERS, these are scammers taking your money.

I may not know absolutely everything, I’m not an Attorney, but I know enough to let Consumers know they’re , for the most part, being taken for a ride.  Everyone wants your money, and they will stretch it out so they can take way more than what they should. This is Our America.

The only ride you should be on is your Surfboard on the Ocean.